Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services (EIS) ensures that people testing positive for HIV receive the necessary services and support as early as possible in order to interrupt or delay progression of HIV disease. In addition, EIS assists persons living with HIV/AIDS in identifying and addressing barriers to medical care.

Early Intervention Services (EIS) provides supportive services, in Middle Tennessee, as a part of the Ryan White Care Act.


  • Link individuals to HIV medical care
  • Support adherence to medication regimens
  • Provide Preventive Health
  • Educate the new participants to HIV medical care on what to expect during the initial medical visit
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments
    Support during doctor visits to ensure understanding of provider communication
  • Educate medical providers on special concerns of patients
  • Provides nine (9) months of intensive engagement and follow-up activities to increase treatment adherence goals between the client, the medical practitioner and linkage within the community.

EIS cultivates relationships with other community service providers to reach and serve positive individuals who have fallen out of medical care:

  • Mental health centers
  • Medical centers
  • Alcohol and drug treatment centers
  • Emergency services treatment providers
  • Prevention services and social/community health networking

The qualifications for EIS are as follows:

  • Newly HIV/AIDS Diagnosed
  • HIV/AIDS diagnosed pregnant women
  • HIV/AIDS diagnosed person recently released from incarceration – This does not apply to those who are habitual violators. This is for those who have been incarcerated for at least a year (6 months with exceptions)
  • A HIV/AIDS diagnosed person who has been out of medical care at least a year or 6 months if they have a co-occurring medical diagnosis HIV/AIDS diagnosed persons new to the Nashville area
  • HIV/AIDS diagnosed person who has moved to the Middle Tennessee area in the last 6 months.