Street Works is one of Tennessee’s leading HIV service organizations, providing free, confidential HIV testing and supportive services to persons living with HIV disease in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area since 1997. Street Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which receives state, local, and federal funding to provide the following services: prevention, education, HIV and Hepatitis C testing, Medical Case Management, Housing Case Management, Nutritional Services, Emergency Financial Assistance and Early Intervention Services. Street Works Prevention Staff work the streets at night to prevent and reduce HIV disease and STIs on the inner city streets of Nashville. Our motto is: “We doze but we never close.” As an organization, we uphold this motto to be there for our community no matter what the time or place.

Mission Statement

Street Works’ mission is to prevent the spread of HIV disease and provide care and supportive services for those infected and affected through outreach, education, and advocacy in communities of greatest risk.

Vision Statement

Street Works shall serve as the leading community advocate by empowering and inspiring those infected with HIV disease towards self-sufficiency and hope. Street Works shall also increase HIV/AIDS awareness, compassion, and understanding of those not infected, in the community.

The People We Serve

Since 1997 Street Works has served some of the largest communities at greatest risk for HIV disease within Davidson Co., Nashville Tennessee. However, Street Works is one of the first agencies using the social network models as it relates to getting at-risk individual tested for HIV disease. Street Works service delivery model has been replicated in areas as far as the Virgin Islands.

Street Works serves individuals who are infected or affected with HIV disease. Historically, Street Works has primarily serviced the needs of the minority communities. Today, Street Works has grown and to include all population who are at an increased risk for HIV disease. Street Works has never turned anyone away from its doors and has helped them navigate resources, through the use of compassionate care models and completed follow-up to ensure completion of the mission.